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Privacy Policy

Rishikesh Taxi Services believes that client who books or looks for some services at www.rishikeshtaxiservices.in (Site) has the correct to know concerning the privacy policy that be followed by us. For the trust the customer has on TBi, we worth the right to your privacy.

Rishikesh Taxi Services will ensure in all possible ways beneath our control to protect any in order (like name. e mail, phone/mobile numbers, speak to, interest or any other relevant information concerning our buy and sell) furnish by you in the route of use of this website. The order will be more often than not second-hand for maintain our data base for update you on the latest foodstuffs & for as long as better services to you.

This practice may be misrepresented, but any change will be post and change will merely apply to activities and in sequence on a going frontward, not retroactive base. You are expectant to review the privacy policy when on earth you visit the place to make sure that you appreciate how any individual information you offer will be used. This Privacy Policy explains the following:

« What individual Information we gather from you and how we use it?
« Among whom (if anyone) your Personal in order is communal?
« How you can choose - out of receiving our promotional e - mail?
« What safeguard we have input to defend your individual in sequence?
« Other information you should be acquainted with about your privacy?
« What Personal in order we collect on or after you and how we utilize it?

This privacy policy set out how live Rishikesh Taxi Services uses and protects any in order that you provide them when you employ this website.

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