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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Rishikesh Taxi Services in by our Services, you are deeming to have conventional the terms and state of relationships scheduled underneath. Rishikesh Taxi Services raw capital the right to put in, delete, alter or adjust these terms and conditions at various times. The User is so advice to read cautiously these terms and circumstances every time he or she use the services with Rishikesh Taxi Services.

This network site Rishikesh Taxi Services is available and maintain by www.technocreatures.com, a corporation incorporated and existing in accord with the laws of the state of India. At what time you accurate of opening, look during or use this position you suppose with no curb or condition the situation and state of relationships set forth below. PLEASE READ THESE USER TERMS carefully BEFORE with THE SERVICE AND WEBSITE.

1. The User certify that he/she is at least 18 (eighteen) accepted life of age or has the consent of a close relative or lawful protector.
2. These terms and circumstances succeed all preceding understanding, represemaritaltations, or agreement and shall victory despite any inconsistency with any other circumstances of any order submit. By means of the services of Rishikesh Taxi Services you have the same attitude to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.
3. All prices, if not indicate or else are in Indian Rupees.
4. Rishikesh Taxi Services raw supplies the right to repudiate or stop any book placed for a taxi that is programmed at an incorrect price. This shall be separately from of whether the order has been long-established or not.
5. In the event that a non-delivery occurs on explanation of an error by you any extra cost acquire by Rishikesh Taxi Services for redelivery shall be claim from the User foreword the booking.
6. presently, the service of Rishikesh Taxi Services are person available at a supposed fee, though, Rishikesh Taxi Services raw resources the right to amend the charge for any or such facilities and offers.
7. All prices and effortlessness of use of goods are topic to change without preceding notice at the sole chariness of Rishikesh Taxi Services.
The User agree to use the services provided by Rishikesh Taxi Services its associate advisor and constricted corporation, for legal purpose barely.

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